How Does Google Use AI?

Google makes use of AI in many areas. For example, deep learning, which is one of the AI areas which getting popular day by day. Deep learning is the area where the magic is happening right now. Earlier, even though computers were helping out in many areas, they were not very smart. Computers could not learn from past mistakes. Programmers were providing clear instructions to the computer and they were getting the job done.

But because of AI, artificial neural networks have been built inside computers. Through these networks, computers are working very similar to organic brains. Today, because of the advancements in AI computers are processing information like organic brains. For example, deep learning is one of the areas in AI which signifies numerous layers of neural network. These networks are stacked on each other. The complexity of the neural network is behind data processing. Compared to any other existing AI technologies, deep learning is facilitating the data process than never before.

Today, AI and its areas are completely driving innovation at cutting edge and we can experience it in most of the applications we use. For example, Google is one of the Internet giants Google is handling a tremendous amount of data. Google is using AI in most of its services and products.

Why Google is interested in AI

Google is very powerful and it is championing the usage of AI. It is utilizing the best areas of AI like deep learning in almost all cutting edge applications. In most of the difficult cases, scientists have found a solution through AI. Some of the most prevalent areas like image and speech recognition, AI can come in and help. The area of AI like deep learning is also helping out Google in natural language generation.

There was a project in 2011 in Google called Google brain. Through this project, Google has put the limelight on deep learning. After this Google announced that, it has successfully built neural networks. This is the network that can stimulate the cognitive processes of the human brain. This neural network runs on almost 16000 computers and it is highly capable to process over 10 million images. Deep Mind was one of the UK based companies working on deep learning. In 2014 Google acquired Deep Mind and started further developments in AI.

Through the help of Deep Mind’s machine learning techniques for connecting existing systems, it was possible to achieve real intelligence. Later Google showcased boardgame Go just to demonstrate the capability of their algorithm in task learning.

Deep learning and Google’s mail services

Earlier Google proved the developments just through game contests and laboratories. Later the technology has rolled out across all most all Google services. Image recognition was the first practical use of AI. Here AI is behind image recognition where it works on millions of uploaded images all over the internet. These are the images for which Google indexes. Through this Google is accurately classifying these images and it is providing highly accurate search results. Recently Google is implementing the advancements of AI like deep learning in the image analytics field for image enhancement as well. Through this, it is trying to filling and restoring the details which are missing from images. It can extrapolate the data existing in the image and through this, it searches other related images as well.

Cloud Video

This is another platform of Google called Google Cloud Video. Cloud Video intelligence mainly focuses on exploring and showcasing video analytics to all-new audience groups. Through this, it was made possible to segment videos present online on Google servers. After segmentation was done it was possible to analyze the video on context and content basis. They were creating automated summaries as well by using AI. If AI suspects that video is suspicious it sends security alerts.

AI tech is also implemented in language processing applications. One of the best examples is Google’s Assistant speech recognition. For this, they have utilized deep neural networks. Through neural networks, Google understands spoken commands in a better way and it responds based on this analysis. Google Brain projects resulted in the developments of many techniques that were used in speech recognition as well. Apart from this, they have also utilized Google Brain’s techniques in Google’s translation service as well. The entire translation system was rewritten and now it is working on Google Neural Machine Translation. So, the translation system is now working completely in a deep learning environment.

Through this, we can understand that Google is utilizing AI in many ways. The best example we can give is deep learning which is the most advanced area of AI is used in the majority of the services and applications by Google. Another best example of AI implementation is very useful recommendations on YouTube offered by Google. Here, Google Brain is the technology that is helping out offering the best recommendations.