ai trends 2020

Looking Towards The Future Of AI In 2020 And Beyond

There are tons of interesting things on the horizon in the artificial intelligence world. Buzzwords like neural networks cut through the chatter. Machine learning continues to evolve. The evolution of chatbots and their applications for businesses is a trend generating a lot of interest. We’re not talking about simple chatbots like you might find on a hookup app like or a dating site that keep you engaged. We are talking about chatbots with advanced artificial intelligence that can infer and perform actions like complete sales and suggest products and services. Of course the rapid advancement of machine learning is on the trend board for AI in 2020. The biggest trends have to do with the way AI is penetrating so many industries, businesses, and fabrics of life.

We will be posting more specifically on some of these trends, but for now check out this video that shares an exciting introduction of AI trends in 2020.

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