artificial intelligence trends

Artificial Intelligence Trends

Artificial Intelligence is a very common phenomenon in this day and era however very few people understand what Artificial Intelligence really is. Even more confusing is the fact that most newcomers and novices are still arguing about the definition of Artificial Intelligence. There are those who believe that artificial intelligence are computers that have been developed to mimic human decision making process. Artificial intelligence has also been defined as a network of neural processing.

Artificial intelligence has come a long way up to where we are today and its future is still unpredictable. The applications and use of artificial intelligence is endless as they can be used almost everywhere. It is predicted that in 2019 artificial intelligence will trend medicine, transportation systems, weather warnings, environmental monitoring, security and defense as well as monitoring economic flows.

Virtual assistant

Virtual assistant an area that has really developed since the emergence of artificial intelligence. It can be integrated with existing applications like the social media to enable user’s converse naturally with an online avatar that will be responding to their queries through text or voice. The advantage with a virtual assistant is that it offers users with personalized experience hence reducing the need of being in touch with a support team. There are a lot of challenges in online businesses especially in the customer support desk to meet the ever increasing demand of their customers. However with the aid of virtual assistance that uses voice recognition technology then it will facilitate a unique way of interaction.

Visual inspection systems

Manufacturing companies especially those that deal with mass production will benefit a lot with artificial intelligence through visual inspection systems. Every product needs to be checked for quality during processing. Traditionally it was done though human efforts however human eye cannot detect the tiny defects such as cracks. Adoption of visual inspection system will not improve the quality of production but also give a good overview of the production line.

Mobile applications

One of the fastest growing industries today is the mobile phone industry. Mobile applications are evolving rapidly as the smartest business tools. Most people today rely on mobile applications to solve most of their problems. With the introduction of artificial intelligence it will be even easier for the customer support to respond to the needs of customers in a more personalized way. Mobile applications that have adopted AI have the ability to recognize speech, predict analysis as well as critical thinking. Many adult dating apps such as adultfriendfinder have embraced utilizing AI to improve their users’ experience. Areas where you expect a lot of improvement in 2019 include Chatbots, image and speech recognition, voice control and face detection.

Computer games

The application of artificial intelligence in computer games will increase in 2019. There are computer games where one is paying, against, alongside or together and where the other character is a computer program. With the use of artificial intelligence it will be very hard to predict the outcome of the computer character. This implies that each game will be completely different from the other.


Terrorism, espionage and cyber-attacks are problems that are challenging the present day governments. If intelligence agencies are able to harness the power of artificial intelligence in providing surveillance it will be able to get rid of 100% of the problem. Today everyone has a smartphone which we are using to share immense amount of data. Through the use of ISP address it is possible to get the social networking profile of an individual, their cell phone number and carry out an assessment to know if they are a security threat. Artificial intelligence program will basically sift through the data collected and flag any mischievous activity.


The ethical debate surrounding the future of artificial intelligence is diverse and being debated fiercely. This is known as robot ethics. There are those who are arguing that we are playing god while there are those who hold the sentimental values of humanity as to whether it is possible to create a human friendly robot. Every week scores of articles are being released defending for or against advancement in artificial intelligence. Will they come to control us? That’s the question we will leave for another day.

Future of artificial intelligence

The future of artificial intelligence is very bright and everyday day AI finds its way in various applications and disciplines. You will find applications such as search engines on the internet, interactive eLearning systems, autonomous operation, facial features, spell checkers, anti-spam programs and speech recognition software. Artificial intelligence is also being used in more intense applications such as self-piloted planes, self-driving cars, weather prediction systems, corporate telephone systems, automated warehousing and computer space systems.

Artificial intelligence has changed our lives and is continuing to make tremendous changes in the near future. We expect to see a future where artificial intelligence is running governments, virtual reality entertainment, money flows, distributions systems and transportation systems.… Continue Reading