Have you ever wished you could be the one asking the questions during a presidential debate?

With this site, we give you easy and direct access to the positions each candidate has (and has had) on the specific issues that are most important to you as an individual.

It's very easy. Simply type your question, and get your response. The response you receive will be a direct quote from each candidate.

There is no middle man, there is no bias, and there is no filter. Using this tool, we hope to create a more open and honest debate.

We think this system is so easy to use that with even the smallest amount of effort, you can become very informed about what each candidate has to say on issues which are most important to you.

We even show you exactly where the quotes come from for each response. Feel free to check them yourself. We hope the information you find here will spark more curiosity and lead you to do further research on your own.

We are extremely excited by the ability of the internet to transmit ideas and information so freely and effectively.

Our hope, is to contribute to the online community with a more informed conversation based on the truth -- not misinformation and ignorance.


At the center of the this project is an award winning artificial intelligence program named Ultra Hal.

Ultra Hal was created by Zabaware Inc., and has been an ongoing project for the past 15 years.

By using a massive database of natural language collected from many sources across the net, and a number of dedicated servers, Ultra Hal has the ability to understand your questions and respond in a surprisingly intelligent way.

We are still a ways from a perfect system, but we believe that by moving in small steps .Hal. will continue to grow right along with the net itself . and Hal's eventual growth will only be limited by our imaginations.

In the future, we hope to use technology like this for the benefit of everyone, by creating a massive collection of human knowledge, and making it more interactive, more intuitive, and more accessible . the likes of which has only been seen in science fiction.

If you would like to support the Ultra Hal project feel free to visit our main site, mention us to your friends, and share it with social networks of your choice.


The team behind the creation of Ultra Hal is a very intellectual group.

We like to think about things.

As such, we have a very strong interest in politics and government, as it represents a very significant aspect of human civilization. This is an opportunity to test Hal, discover new ways to improve the system, spread awareness, and promote something we strongly believe in -- sharing valuable information.

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